The Global Goals Lab
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Welcome to the exploration and co-creation community, The Global Goals Lab.

We are a passionate network of partners and visionaries dedicated to implementing to the Global Goals on Sustainable Development and we showcase testbed projects, stories and voices of partners from around the world.

The PLANET in the CITY

Welcome to the pop up exhibit showcasing the design of cities, AI and data to reach the Global Goals.

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Exploring Landscape Architecture

Together with the landscape architecture and urban design agency Landskapslaget, Quantified Planet explored synergies between people, nature, buildings and city…

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Towards a Quantified Planet AI Manifesto for Good

In trying to expand the boundaries of AI to include a social and environment perspective, Quantified Planet gathered a small group of AI experts ranging from investors,…

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AI For Good

During the spring 2018, Quantified Planet has initiated a series of breakfast talks to capture the some of the challenging questions and issues related to AI and our…

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Urban Health Bike Data Tour

Just how healthy are urban areas in Swedish cities? As part of the Global Goals Lab Testbed, the Global Goals Lab toured 11 Swedish cities with a bike and trolley loaded

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Global Goals Exhibit in 3D

This unique exhibit showcased an intersection of art, space and new tech and highlighted applications of open real time data to implement the Global Goals, in particular

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Open Access Agricultural Data

In a unique partnership and project with Bayer, Quantified Planet and Bayer will cooperate and make accessible crowd sourced plant data from 70 countries.

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Quantified  Planet

A non profit organization collecting, analyzing and visualizing data to advance the United Nation's Global Goals.

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Connecting SDGs through Food

Read how the team at Stockholm Resilience Centre describes the "wedding cake" model to explain how food connects all the SDGs.

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Behind the Scenes with White

We are working with several partners to produce the Global Goals Exhibit. Here with White architecture firm working on the Urban agenda and exhibit.

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Robotics Support Health in Urban Spaces

Quantified Planet has partnered with Husqvarna in a pilot project using sensor technology in robotic lawnmowers to track and collect data about open public green spaces.

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Partner Day at Kastellet

During Spring 2017, partners visited Kastellet, Vaxholm to check out lab, sensors and discuss upcoming projects.

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The Global Goals Lab is part of a testbed for Sweden on open real time data working toward Global Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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Follow the Urban Health Bike Data Tour

Check out the photos from the Urban Health Bike Data Tour as we visit 11 cities. We will regularly update the album to you can follow the tour.

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How is Global Goals Lab involved in Testbed Sweden?

Global Goals Lab is part of a testbed for Sweden to facilitate a testing platform for companies, cities and researchers to design, prototype, implement and monitor sensor applications.

How is the Global Goals Lab connected with the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development?

Global Goals Lab showcases projects and communities who are heroes in taking steps to fulfill the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We are the greatest supporter of the Goals and it is possible to take small steps to reach our common vision for our planet by 2030.

How do I join the Global Goals Lab community?

You first have to decide in what role you are contacting us, city? potential partner? developer who wants to contribute your talent, scientist with your super research or global citizen interested in supporting our data community? Get connected.

Who runs Global Goals Lab?

The non profit organisation, Quantified Planet, is the mother ship for Global Goals Lab. Quantified Planet is a data exploration dashboard to visualise all of the open real time data such as the quality of air, water, amount of air pressure, storm water, sound levels or the amount of green steps that are being collected around the world.

Can't find your answer here?

The non profit organisation, Quantified Planet, is the mother ship for Global Goals Lab. Quantified Planet is a data exploration dashboard. Contact us.

The Goals

Our  team

Meet our dedicated team of visionaries, innovators, researchers, storytellers and techies working limitless hours from offices in Stockholm, Berlin and San Francisco.

Maja Brisvall
CEO, Co-founder
Owen Gaffney
Co-founder, VP Communications
Daniel Gillblad
Chief Technology Officer
Olof Simander
Data Explorer
Merci Olsson
Head of Communications
Peter Svensson
Head of Technology
Anders Mellbratt
Head of Design & Lab
Eden Brukman
Head of San Francisco Hub


As forerunners in their industries, our partners play a key role in supporting and achieving our common vision to implement the Global Goals as they share their climate data and partner with us on the testbed. Our partners also contribute their resources and expertise. Interested in becoming a member? Contact us.

Com Law

Com Law is a law firm specialising in IT, IP and media.


Doberman is a design firm delivering unique products and services for major international brands and companies.

Future Earth Media Lab

Future Earth Media Lab is a partnership between people at Future Earth, Globaïa and the International Council for Science. The Lab is a space for projects that connect science, design, technology and art to change how people think about the planet they live on.


HiQ is a leading technology and communications company in the Nordics offering a wide range of services within IT, R&D, marketing and business development.


Husqvarna is a global leading producer of outdoor power products for forest, park and garden care.


Intel is an innovation company within cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions to empower a smart and connected digital world.

Kista Science City

Kista Science City is non-profit organization with the mission to promote and develop the Kista Science City region. The organization strives to make Kista Science City a place where people and business can continue to develop.


Kringla is a Swedish bike company which produces classic folding bikes.

National Property Board Sweden

The National Property Board Sweden (Statens fastighetsverk, SFV) is the public authority responsible for managing the majority of Sweden's state-owned built cultural heritage.


Openlab is a creative centre that provides opportunities for finding solutions to challenges in society.


RISE The Swedish Research Institute offers international collaboration programmes with academia, industry, and the public sector, to ensure the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and to contribute to a sustainable society.


SIDA is a government agency working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government, with the mission to reduce poverty in the world.


Ultimaker develops open source 3D printers and tools to inspire and empower people around the world.


Vinnova is the Swedish government agency that administers state funding for research and development.


White is one of Scandinavia's leading architect firms.


Sunfleet is Sweden's largest car pool with more than 1,400 cars around the country.